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Here we go!

Well, this is my first blog post. It has taken me quite a while to start but better late than never.

For this first blog post I will just try to convey my reasons for starting a blog and tell you what you can expect to find in this site.

Blogging because…

I decided to start this blog because some things excite me beyond the 140 characters. I love twitter and the great discussions that can arise there but sometimes it is not enough to follow through an idea or to analyze a concept. I do recognize I am a bit afraid of not having enough to say. However, I decided that this is not a bad thing since my favorite bloggers do not post that frequently anyway.

Some other reasons to blog:

  • I find encouragement in the monthly INFORMS blog challenge. It gives me a topic to blog about and few weeks to think and expand ideas. If you are an OR person, please consider doing this too.
  •  I would like to combine knitting/crafts with numbers as I am interested in both topics.
  • I realized most of the OR bloggers are professors and although this used to make me feel unworthy of an OR voice, thanks to the encouragement from my twitter feed, I got over it and decided that I should try to bring something different to the table.
  •  I will write in English about things other than work, which is good, because it will give me the chance to improve at this.

You can expect…

I will blog about things that excite me like data, numbers, OR, analytics and knitting-related things. Hopefully I will get to blog about knitting and numbers combined. Although my work also excites me, I will not write about it since it is mostly confidential.

As an added challenge I will try to write a translation to Spanish of every blog post. I figure, why not? I know I can write in Spanish, or at least I’m sure I could four years ago, before I moved to Canada. You can decide on whether or not I can write in English. Also, I have found very few blogs about OR/MS in Spanish and I feel compelled to find out if there are people who would be interested in reading the Spanish version.

Last year I learned to knit, this year I’ll blog and maybe next year I’ll learn French… If this trend continues by 2020 my hobbies will include photography, sewing and crocheting and I’ll be able to speak French, Italian and Portuguese.


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