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Knitting is a binary exercise

I follow a knitting blog called Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. During this month she is writing a daily letter to “Non-Knitters who love a Knitter” with suggestions of gifts for the Loved Knitter. She is doing a fabulous job at this. Today’s suggestion was an iPad. Yes, an iPad and, yes, for a knitter. For what? You ask. For lots of things, like reading patterns (all hail to Evernote), browsing Ravelry.com, using knitting apps, etc.

To quote her exact words:

“I know that right now, some of you are thinking that knitting is the exact opposite of an ipad. That knitting is cozy and that knitters are grannies and that people who understand wool really well might not be that technologically inclined. I don’t have time to explain it really well, but let me just tell you this. Knitting is binary (knit/purl.) Knitting is technology, engineering, and construction, and your knitter has a knack for it. Your knitter is a probably a geek.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Knitting Pattern - Machine Code

If you don’t believe this, and still think that technology has nothing to do with knitting, there is a great post at the Free Geek Vancouver Volunteer blog that actually compares knitting language with assembly language (i.e. low level computer programming or machine code). And it’s true, knitting is basically executing a code. It doesn’t require tremendous amount of thinking – unless you are actually designing a garment, which would be like programming – and it is something you can do while watching TV or listening to a podcast (in case you are wondering, The Science of Better would be my podcast suggestion). Also, when the pattern just doesn’t seem right or you messed up a stitch, you go into debug mode and try to find and re-write the faulty piece of code.

You would also be surprised to know that:

  • Most of the knitters I’ve met at knit nights are in science/math related fields like engineering, architecture and chemistry.
  • On a regular knit night there are around 8 people knitting and only 1 or 2 are over 40.
  • The conversation is sometimes very similar to what you would expect of an episode of the Big Bang Theory: Dr. Who, Firefly, etc.

Just saying.

PS: My non-knitter husband did give me an iPad for my birthday which I use mostly for knitting related stuff . The problem is, I only get to use it when he remembers it was actually a gift for me.


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